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Knighterrant's Sherman the Tank "Sherman"


NorthernPaws OscarKnighterrant "Baxter"


Knighterrant's Lord Cyrus "Cyrus"


NorthernPaws BasilKnighterrant "Sherlock"

Groot 9.5 weeks old

NorthernPaws GrootKnighterrant " Groot"

I am "Groot".

Watch me grow!



  • Date of Birth: October 23rd, 2013 

  • Parents: 
  • Dam: Knighterrant's Apple of My Eye "Kenzie" 
  • Sire: Ch. Knighterrant's Heavy Duty "Diesel" 

  • Testing: CERF/OFA Eyes clear, PRA and CMR1 negative by DNA,  PennHip tighter than 90% of Mastiffs with no evidence of degenerative joint disease,  OFA Thyroid Normal, VonWillebrand's Normal, Prelim OFA hips Good, Elbows -mild dysplasia in the left elbow due to a fractured coronoid process which may be dietary, injury related and cannot specifically be related to genetics, Right elbow clear. Only bitches free of elbow dysplasia will be bred to Sherman.​ OFA Test Result page Certificates are shown below. DM negative by DNA, Sherman is a carrier of the long haired gene by DNA he has one copy. 

  • Proven: Yes 

  • Colour: Apricot Brindle 

  • Weight: 200 pounds 

  • Pedigree: See below



  • Date of birth:  December 4th,  2014 

  • Parents: 
  • Sire: Alston de Albis Rhapsody "Alston" (Czech Republic) 
  • Dam: Sunshine MastineuM "Harley" (Poland) 

  • Breeder: Lenka Uhlova 

  • Testing: OFA Eyes, PennHip clear, OFA Prelim Hips Good,  OFA Prelim Elbows normal, OFA Prelim Thyroid Normal, PRA clear, CMR1 clear, DM clear by DNA, Baxter does not carry the long haired gene. Certificates are shown above  OFA Results page * OFA prelim results are not shown on the OFA site but are shown below.  

  • Proven: Yes 

  • Colour: Fawn 

  • Weight: 200 pounds.

  • Height: 32 inches at the shoulders

  • Pedigree: see below.



  • Date of Birth: March 3, 2016 

  • Parents: 
  • Dam: Ch. Baskervilles Clairamel "Claira" 
  • Sire: Ch. Knighterrant Sherman The Tank "Sherman" 

  • Testing:  PRA, CMR1 and DM clear by parentage, Elbows x-rayed - he injured one elbow as a puppy and has had it surgically repaired.  PennHip clear. ​ 

  • Proven: No

  • Colour: Fawn Brindle 

  • Proven: Awaiting DNA of puppies for parentage

  • Weight: 220 pounds 

  • Pedigree: listed below



  • Date of Birth: April 5, 2017 

  • Parents: 
  • Dam: Am/Can Ch. BISS Agata MastineauM Vengo Veridas 
  • Sire:  Grand Ch. Knighterrant Koodo NorthernPaw 

  • Testing: PennHip Clear, Prelim OFA Elbows Clear, Will be redone after 2 to receive full OFA, CMR1, PRA negative  by parentage, OFA Thyroid, OFA Cardiac, DM carrier. He is short haired and does not carry the long haired  gene. . Eyes are clear.

  • Proven: No 

  • Colour: Fawn 

  • Weight: 215 pounds  

  • Pedigree: See below


NorthernPaws GrootKnighterrant

I am "Groot"

  • Date of Birth: March 1, 2019

  • Parents: 
  • Dam: Am/Can Ch. BISS Agata MastineauM Vengo Veridas 
  • Sire: Ch. NorthernPaws OscarKnighterrant "Baxter"

  • Testing: DM Negative, PRA and CMR1 negative by parentage.

  • Proven:  No

  • Colour: Apricot

  • Weight: 125 pounds at 6 months

  • Pedigree: See below